Stupendous doll Brooke Jameson is bouncing up and down all over bf's chili dog

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Description: This week we are continuing with the cavalcade of pornstars with the delectable Brooke Jameson. Like Kerry, Brooke is everything you'd want in your local pornstar babe, long legs, GIANT JUGGS, insatiable sexual other words the kind of girl YOU ARE NOT going to invite back to meet mother, well, unless you're "Norman Bates!" Anyway, she was kitted out in sexy pink fishnets and those hot little denim shorts all the girls are wearing now. She also had some strange woolly leg warmers, that she informed me had come from a Lama. Rather shocking she said the Lama was now happily walking with two prothstetic front legs! Well, what a pornstar wants a pornstar gets! Anyway, she wasted no time in swallowing my dick and devouring it for all it was worth and I was determined to make the most of her gorgeous "Rack!"