Curvaceous lady India with curvy tits enjoys a hefty pecker

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Description: REMASTERED UPDATE<br> <br> Part 1:<br> I'm in the snowy Peak District again this week and we don't just have a babe, we have a MEGA BABE! I met the exotic India looking at a map by the side of the road, about to freeze to death. She tricked me into thinking that she was a budding, "Bollywood actress" and agreed to come back to my shack for some hot action. When Lara laid eyes on India's giant boobs, her eyes nearly popped out of her head,(Lara loves BIG JUGGS by the way) I filmed the beautiful India's lovely arse clad in skin tight denim, which is a new thing we are doing, due to popular demand and to be honest I actually think it's very sexy as well. Anyway, we then got her dressed in a sexy nurse's uniform and Lara, after wiping the saliva from her mouth, filmed India generally cavorting around and playing with herself. I was huddled in a corner biting my nails, like an inmate from Bedlam, desperate to jump in, but Lara kept me at bay with the aid of a chair and a whip! <hr> Part 2:<br> Well, as you can imagine, when Lara unleashed me, I leapt on India like a crazed Dervish and proceeded to have a feeding frenzy on those luscious juicy juggs, whilst at the same time plunging my hand into her knickers to feel her sodden crack! Lara tried to drag me off, but like any man faced with such a body, I had turned into a crazed monster, with one thing in mind! No, not to have an extra Rich Tea Biscuit with my cuppa, but to jam my dick between those huge fun bags and fuck them senseless. India just let me let rip with her body and I subjected her to every depraved sexual act that I could think of.....and more! By the end of our rampant session, I was completely spent, India however didn't even break a sweat! Wow what a girl!