Luxurious busty brunette girl Natalia Pulido seductively sucks a hard dangler

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Description: We arrived in Spain and I couldn't get this sexy ass babe out of my head. I dream about her every night. Johnny and I were about to smoke on the good stuff we got shipped in from Miami. We rolled it up and took a couple tokes and I started seeing stuff. I don't know what's real or made up but a tall sexy brunette walked into the room all of a sudden. It was like my dreams were coming true. She was wearing some fishnets and had some big beautiful tits. I laid her on the bed and started feeling up on her. She bent over and let me squeeze on that ass and then her legs spread wide open and I started fingering her wet warm pussy. I hope this is real and not a dream because it feels so good! She got on her hands and knees and crawled over to suck my cock. Her lips were so soft. I was rock hard and ready to go. I bent her ass over and started banging the fuck out of her. This dream girl of mine loved my cock and wanted nothing more than getting my cum shot all over her pretty face!