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Description: Bow to your Sensei! The Sensei is a very important and prestigious role. It comes with much responsibility and I take the position very seriously. My student Sarah Vandella has been working hard since I met her and has shown a great deal of improvement but is having a tough time getting over the hump and getting her black belt so I personally worked with her a bit and on the day of her test she totally failed but she’s a very resourceful girl and earned her belt by removing her gi and pressing her amazing tits into my face. My defenses were down and she used the opportunity to suck my cock it’s never been sucked before. I almost came like 5 times but my discipline kicked in and I help it back. She was riding my dick and screaming so loud I thought we would get caught but I finished by unleashing my load all over her face and all the cum the hit the ground she licked up to prove she wanted that black belt!