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Description: Today I was home alone thinking about life and I fell asleep. But this dream wasn't like regular dreams I have. I was aware from the start that I was dreaming and I kind of controlled it to a point. So I wanted to know what was going on and poof; there is a nice busty teen named Christy Mack that I saw in magazine earlier. She had a ripped shirt and looked like she was working the piece of shit car in the garage. She was hot as fuck so I talked to her a bit, and thought since it's my dream I should maybe get her to do things… dirty things. So I ripped that shirt off her and got her on her knees. The is dream is shaping up to be awesome but I needed to take it farther. So I imagined a sofa and it appeared and I got her laying back, legs spread and tits bouncing while I pounded her shaved pussy. And when it was about time to wake up I shot a nice sticky load all over her perky round tits!