Worshipped brunette Paige is always ready for some incredible and hot banging

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Description: This week we're back in the UK with a Lara lookalike! Paige arrived and I had to take a double take, as it appeared that my medication was playing tricks with me again. Anyway, Paige dressed up in heels, seamed stockings and a floral dress, in the mode of what your mother would describe as, "What a nice girl and what colour coordination". Well, how wrong your mother would be, because lurking under that sweet exterior was a WANTON SLUT with absolutely NO SHAME! Yes, your mother would be reaching for her smelling salts, if she were witness to even one second of Paige's disgraceful behaviour. In fact she had ME reaching for my smelling salts, mind you anyone in seamed stockings has me in need of sedation and don't start me on the combo of seamed stockings and high heels!