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Description: We didn't have to pick this one up. I had already made a movie of her fucking Alex for a different site, but I thought it would be cool of me to pimp her out to Preston as well. I mean, this dark skinned black Jamaican hottie definitely qualifies as a Ball Honey. What a fucking body!! She had nice plump tits, a tight small waist, a round firm ass, nice fit legs, thick lips perfect for sucking, and eyes that could captivate you. My only complaint (aside from not getting to fuck her) is her name. Who the fuck names there daughter after a piece of wood? Anyways, since she already knew the plan, the action started almost immediately with a hot blowjob. Once Preston started fucking her, and since her mouth was no longer full, she started with the dirty talk which didn't end until Preston "the fountain" Parker covered her in cum. The sex was filled with pounding, slapping, choking, spitting, cervical pokes, dirty talk, and man handling. Check out the trailer... You'll see what I'm talking about.