Pungent brunette Ava Rose with curvy natural tits is on her knees and she is horny

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Description: Ok when we got to make this episode we didn't really know what to expect. After all this is a strange concept, we we're feeling like maybe we were going in over our heads with this. But that’s what we do here at Bangbros, dish out the best shit on the web and that’s why we did it. Two people from two completely different worlds come together and do something and even we are surprised by the results. This week we matched up the most normal guy in the world, we'll call him Red for now, with a Porn star her name is Ava Rose. We put them on a dream date and let them off all over Miami. Do what they will, spend some time together, and get to know each other. We want to know what would he do if he had all the opportunity in world. Him and a Porn star on the ultimate date. After all is said and done. Can he Score?