Racy babe Bronze with big ass receives a rough doggy style action

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Description: WOW! Check this one out my fellow lovers of ebony skin... Bronze could NOT have a better name... that name just captures the very essence of her big round juicy black ass... it so perfect it looks like a statue! Not to mention her green eyes and big tits. After bumping into her roaming the sands of South Beach... Alex pointed out Bronze's buns catching some sun and told me he just had to have her! So we walked on over and asked her if she was interested in doing some modeling for us. After an enthusiastic yes.. we were off! I tell ya.. there has to be some truth to that "once you go black you never go back" statement... I think Alex has been turned to the dark meat.. and there's no cumming back! This chick's blowjobs are top knotch! The sex scenes are beyond hardcore.. they're damn near primal! I love this shit... Enjoy!