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Description: Back on the beautiful strip on South Beach! T-Bone and my homeslice Angel met up to catch up a bit and see what kinda ass we could find. We scoped out a couple ladies but none that were too impressive until this sexy dark Latina walked by shaking her phat ass and round tits. We locked eyes with her and she made it really obvious that she wanted to get to know us a bit more. Then she came back around and introduced herself. This sexy Colombian mami named Xiomara began taking with Angel. She was telling him that she would teach him Spanish and this and that… bottom line: she wanted some cock! Then she tells him that they should get out of here and they are off to the races. These two couldn't find a place fast enough and start making out. She didn't give a fuck! She was in broad daylight with people 20 feet away getting fingered and loving it. They stopped for a second and went inside Angels building and she had him by the cock all the way to his apartment. When they got inse she wasted no time and started blowing him. This girl Xiomara can really suck a dick. Then she told him she wanted him to fuck her… you don't have to tell him twice. If its one thing Angel is good at it's fucking. Check out how she has her nice tight pussy fucked like there is no tomorrow. She gets the walls pumped and the middle worked. Then she gets some “Leche” (milk) to finish off her tube steak!