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Description: I was hungry so I ordered a little room service for breakfast. It took a little bit but finally got here. I was starving so I was a bit pissed when I saw that they messed up my order. The girl they sent me was pretty fucking cute. She was a nice dark skinned teen with some nice cleavage and thick legs. I told her I wasn't happy with the wait and the error and I need wanted to talk to her supervisor. She was getting pretty scared. She told me this was her first day and she didn't want to lose it on the first day so she wanted to fix the situation. I didn't want breakfast anymore though. After seeing this girl I wanted her fucking pussy. So I sat her ass down on that couch and grabbed that booty. I moved her panties over and started to run her pussy. Then she started to finger herself. She was getting wet and I still haven't seen her tits so I popped them out and watched them jiggle. I stood up and pulled my cock out for her to lick. Her mouth watered and I sunk it deep in her mouth. Before I knew it she was on top of me, Riding my cock. This turned from the worst room service to the best really quick!